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Marlin diving watches​


The leather used to make the exclusive Cordovan watch straps is extracted from a small area of the horse's hindquarters. Smooth, thick and almost indestructible, it fits perfectly to all types of watches.

Given the quality of this leather, the strap lasts forever and the more you wear it, the better it looks. Making this beautiful leather requires a lot of experience, talent, patience and love.

In a box in our workshop we found a whole piece of Cordovan leather over 25 years old. It was bought to make a very special strap for a very special client, and there was the rest. Impossible to find today in this finish we have set ourselves the goal of making a very limited and exclusive strap. On the inside we have chosen a yellow leather from the Italian tannery Badalassi.

The Spanish supplier made only 25 straps on this model with the yellow interior finish as

this leather was found in a box and it’s from 70’s. No more leather like this available.

The belts will be made as the orders come in to ensure the width requested by the customer.

Thickness: 5mm to 3mm in buckle

CORDOVAN ANTIQUE LIMITED 24mm lugs - HAND SEWN ( fits MK1 watch)

Italian Cordovan leather high end quality Dark Blue two piece leather strap with tan straps brushed buckle. (The leather pouch & tool can be purchased in accessories.)

Blue Cordovan