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Diving mechanical chronograph 

Our MK5

This striking chronograph has so many complications and intricate details that will keep you interested.


Standing in at 43mm the curved case comes in polished and brushed versions with 316l stainless steel combined with sapphire glass front & back.

Four dial choices, ceramic and irregular sunburst with amazing Swiss BGW9 Lume including the crown and pushers.

Unusually it displays a reserve power gauge above the 6’ o’clock position helping you set and maintain without error the manual wind. The screw down sapphire chronograph pushers and unique lume crown are just a couple of the stunning features.


Luxury leather thicker colour straps come with folding milled clasps, logo & name on both. 

Using a clasp rather than a buckle will prevent damage for long lasting wear and is preset for easy wearing.



43mm case in brushed / Polished stainless steel 316L

Mechanical Manual wind Chronograph diver 

movement st 1905 with Reserve power monitor 

Chronograph Seconds & 30 minute counter 

300m water resistant 

Lugs 22mm

Lug to lug 49mm

15.7 case thickness 

Curved 120 click rotating bezel 

Flat Sapphire crystal 

change to Swiss BGW9 Lume on indices & blue crown/pushers

Crown width 8mm all three screw down 

2 Chronograph dials 

Limited edition x 52-77 each colour 

Sapphire crystal glass & exhibition Case back

40 hour power reserve dial

31 Jewels 

Manual wind

Bph 21,600 amplitude 

Genuine luxury straps with folding clasp


MOVEMENT st1905 (showing power reserve)

Mechanical manual wind with 38 hour reserve, a bph of 21,600 and 31 jewels. All displayed through a sapphire anti-scratch case back.



We have included the highest quality leather straps and folding clasps in order to give continued high end luxury. All our straps are the best leather and padded and beautifully stitched. The clasp has two engravings for our brand and gives long life to the straps as act as a pre-set every time you use it.



100% handmade. Comes logo milled polished folding clasp. (Set on black dial)


Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan leather comes from Kobe, Japan. Shinki has been in business since 1951 and are one of the few remaining tanneries producing this special article.  They are well known for their attention to detail, beautiful hides and rich colours. Shinki shell has its subtle differences than the other tanneries, it has a beautiful more polished luster and are less waxy feeling. These unique traits lend itself to really clean small leather goods.


Shell cordovan (or cordovan) is a rare, world-famous leather made of a specific layer of hide – “cordovan”. The cordovan layer exists only in equine hides and has its maximum thickness on the rump area. One horse hide yields only two small oval pieces of cordovan – two shells. Using the centuries-old method of pure vegetable tannage and hand finishing, the tanning process takes a full six months to complete. The outcome is one of the world’s finest leathers and one that is highly coveted for its unmatched durability and wonderful patina. The strap is a padded slightly thicker version as it’s a sizeable watch case.


OSTRITCH LEATHER WATCH STRAP  (set on polished rose case)

Ostrich leather is treated in a very particular way and needs to be processed several times. This manual process and intense effort add to the value of the leather. It is celebrated globally as distinctive, commercially strong, yet luxurious leather – lending itself to be more prized than bovine leather. The strap is a padded slightly thicker version as it’s a sizeable watch case.



(Set on blue dial option)

BUTTERO Leather is manufactured by the process of Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy, a three-generation tannery founded in 1973 and uses only very high standard raw leather from France. This procedure preserves all available natural properties of the leather . With its thick tissue structure and very smooth surface, Da BUTTERO is truly a highly aesthetically pleasing skin type. Compliments the sunburst blue dial.



Epsom leather (set on our yellow dial)

Is not a natural texture, but is coated with a lamilate surface by the manufacturer and patterned.

A product made from Epsom leather keeps its shape from time to time. Along with its durability, a floating surface allows it to be waterproof, and less likely to show scratches. The skin is also light and easy to clean, just a simple damp cloth. Basically, it’s a great option for people who travel a lot or who might not be too fussy about skin protection.



This is a hard waering and resilliant to water (do not use under water) resistant to stains and very durable. This type of leather benefits from even dye process and a stunning apperance. 

Mk5 Mechanical Chronograph Diver

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