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Our exclusive range of chronograph diver watches includes the following features:

•    The outer glass is made of sapphire which is virtually scratch proof
•    The watch case is made of 316L stainless steel which is rust-proof and can be brushed or polished
•    A rotating bezel is usually 120 or 60 click uni-directional to assist with time keeping under water
•    Our automatic chronograph watches have luminosity all over the dial & bezel and the most sought after is the BWL9
•    There are different colours of lume and some automatic watches have many or just one, but either way is a great talking point
•    Weight is also a key decision-making point as typically 150 - 300gms is acceptable, so please check this as the quality tends to run parallel
•    A screw down crown is also essential to prevent water ingress if used under water

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What features should automatic diving watches have?

When it comes to diving watches, there are a few key features that are essential – our exclusive stainless steel watch range has all of these features and more. Firstly, a diver's watch should be waterproof and pressure resistant, able to withstand greater depths than a standard watch. It should also be easy to read in underwater conditions, so luminescent hands and markers are a must and that's why we use BGW9 Lume.


Additionally, a diving watch should feature a bezel which allows divers to track how much oxygen they have used. Finally, a good diving watch should have a screw-down case back and crown, to prevent water ingress. Having said that many buyers are desk divers and wouldn't test their watch underwater.

Pack of Fish

About Marlinwatch

Established in the UK in 2020, we’ve pioneered seven great quality models of diver watch for men, featuring a chronograph and stainless steel.

Popular with customers across the UK and the USA, we supply larger styles of diver watches, from 43mm. Founded in Cambridge, this microbrand is a sponsor of the England big game fishing team


Underwater Photographer in School of Fish

Our Automatic Diver Watch Models

Take a look at our range of elegant and functional stainless steel watches. Suitable for keen divers, or for those who want to adopt the distinctive aesthetic, our men’s watches are are available to order online across the UK, and as far afield as the USA.


About The Marlin

The blue marlin, one of the largest and most beautiful fish in the ocean, spends most of its life far out at sea.

Interesting Facts About the Marlin

These powerful predators have captured the interest of fishermen for many years. Learn more about a few individual species, and what makes them unique, below. Our brand of stainless steel watches supports efforts to protect this amazing species.

  • Atlantic Sailfish – This fish’s name comes from the large, sail-like fin on its back. Though it does not reach the same immense sizes as some of the other members of the family, people still target this species as a game fish for its speed.

  • White Marlin – Another prized sport fish, this species currently faces decline from fishing and diving activities. Even though people have placed restrictions on catch sizes, catch and release fish still face significant danger of death from the activity. The IUCN lists this species as Vulnerable and declining.

  • Atlantic Blue Marlin – Another Vulnerable and declining species, this fish also faces threat from overfishing. Fishers and divers target this species quite heavily for its ability to reach impressive sizes and its powerful swimming. Commercial fisheries also accidentally catch this species as bycatch when targeting tuna.

  • Black Marlin – This species reaches similar lengths to the Atlantic Blue species, but researchers do not have enough data to conclusively decide how healthy their populations are. For their size, people also target this species as a sport fish.  It’s these activities that our chronograph divers watches are ideal for.

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