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Marlin Diving Watches​

Water Resistant Watches

Equipped with a variety of functional and aesthetically pleasing features, our range of water resistant watches is ideal for water sports and diving, as well as everyday life. With crystal clear luminosity thanks to LumiNova, you can see the time in dark conditions. With a rotating bezel, you can effortlessly use the chronograph function. The rotating bezel comes in a range of colours and designs, to suit your taste. Inspired by the adventure of sport fishing, our 200m/300m water resistant watches are durable, elegant, and built to last. Our water resistant watches are available for purchase online, and can be shipped anywhere from the UK, to the USA.


Take a look at the distinctive features of the watches available in our online store.

Features of Marlin's Water Resistant Watches

This is a self-luminous chemical compound that absorbs light, releasing a long-lasting glow in dark conditions. LumiNova will never fade, lasting as long as your watch lasts. 

Screw Down Crown
Providing a fully watertight seal, our watches can be fully submerged, while staying completely dry on the inside. The screw down crown keeps out dust and dirt particles, ensuring that your watch looks pristine, and continues to work well its whole life. 

200m/300m Water Resistant Watches
Our watches can resist water pressures as far as 300m. This makes them perfect to use when diving, swimming, and taking part in any water-based sport or activity. 

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