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My micro brand Marlinwatch all started in 2020 in lock down as i wanted a side husstle to help fund my income, especially with the fear of the unknown possibly ahead. But before this i liked to dabble with importing other brands such as steeldive and pagani just to test the market and sell for a small profit. I found out that there was a massive cult interest for diver watches and many different groups on facebook. This i researched and decided this was a way into a bit more exposure to new buyers for my brand.

My Story Cont

So this was the twin trigger point for investing £30,000 cash for my first model, so not a public funding stance many newbies use. So yes a calculated risk with due diligence on pricing and the large active market place for this style of watch. I even looked at the best price point on ebay sales to target the cost more accurately.  I wasn't going for the more expensive movement as this would triple my costs and then would have to compete with established brands.

My first watch was popular but not perfect as it was a but raw in the case and very heavy and i also went mad on extra straps which isn't necessary.  It had the reliable NH35 automatic movement  and a chunky look.

It took about 18 months to completely sell out of the mk1 but i was fully into this and already had the mk2 for sale and was getting traction.

Well now onto the mk6 & Mk7  with simplified box and more competitive packaging along with decent quartz movements making the watch less expensive for my customers. 

Its amazing how many parts of the watch you have to consider in design and trust that the supplier will know what you want as a final outcome. Its a learning curve when stating any business and i would suggest anyone thinking of being a micro brand owner consult one thats out there already.

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